Nadhirah Rahmat

Nadhirah Rahmat

Marketing Team/Senior Ensemble

Fatin Nadhirah binti Rahmat was born in Melaka and has been involved in dance since she was 7 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Teruntum, Kuantan.

She took part in many art programs and dance performances in school. The biggest achievement during this time was Malaysia’s Week in London 2007. She has completed both Diploma in Dance and Bachelor of Dance (Honours) majoring in Performances at the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage ASWARA.

Nadhirah was awarded Best Female Dancer for Short+Sweet Malaysia 2016 in Sharm Noh’s choreography, ‘Ketuk’. She has taken part in many of ASWARA’s productions such as Jamu, Gelombang Baru, TARI, and Main Zapin. She was involved with outside productions like Dancing in Place at Rimbun Dahan organized by MyDance Alliance, SoundDance by RAW Art Space, Dancebox and more.

She also actively involved in commercial TV Show and several Malaysia’s well-known artist music videos, to name few like Elizabeth Tan(Shh), Ernie Zakri(Boneka), Shiha Zikir(AEWO), Wany Hasrita(Pedas), and more as a dancer.

August 2019, she has participated in the Hofesh Shecter workshop at Perth sponsored by MyDance Alliance. In early 2020, she competed for Dansa Dansing, a dance competition television show. Internationally, she has performed in Acheh, Singapore, Jakarta, and Songkhla.