ASK Dance Company offers a variety of performances ranging from Malay Traditional and Classical dances, Chinese Dance, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, modern, HipHop, contemporary and even commercial performances. Other than that we offer full length performances from 30 minutes to an hour.


We offer choreography services for competitions, performances and private events. The choreography can range from a variety of genres curated to fit the event.

Artistic Productions

ASK Dance Company are professionally trained in a wide variety of dances and specializes in blending the Malaysian identity with contemporary technique creating well known works like Eclectic Shift, Dikir, WiRama and so on.

Coaching / Masterclass / Workshop

We provide private one-on-one sessions with prices ranging from RM50 an hour to RM250 an hour depending on the genre, duration, difficulty level and so on.

Costume Rental

(01156268207 – Seraphic Wong)

Our costume rental fee starts at RM50 to RM200 depending on the quantity, genre and so on.

Residency and Collaborations

ASK Dance Company is a company that encourages growth. Hence, we are open to various residencies and collaborations both internationally and locally in hopes for the company to thrive.

Studio Rental

  1. Studio Amenities: Bluetooth speaker, 3 air conditioners, 6 fans, air purifier, white fluorescent light or warm adjustable track lights, Natural light or blackout curtains.

    Unit Amenities: Two bathrooms, Coway water dispenser, utility room, pantry area.

  2. Studio Measurements: 57ft (L) x 20ft (W) x 10ft (H)

    Studio Capacity: 35 pax.

  3. Rate:

    Rehearsal (Dance Practice Only)
    RM80 per hour
    RM60 per hour (3 hours and above)

    Refundable deposit fee RM100 (This is in case for any damages / vandalism done to ADC’s property)

    RM 120 per hour
    RM 100 per hour (2 hours and above)

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